Field Sports Gifts

Please note that all postage and packaging (shipment) will be quoted separately once you have ordered from the online shop. (Shipping worldwide makes it impossible to quote a standard rate). Once you have placed an order we will invoice you for the cost of the item plus the calculated postage and packaging

Because all items are made to order from scratch, please allow 28 days for delivery

Unique inkwells, hand crafted to your specification.

I make each one of these inkwells by hand, to your specifications.

Carved Head Sticks

We can carve a stick head into any shape that you like...

Crop and Crutch Handled Sticks

Crop handled sticks take their name from the days when everyone travelled on a horse, and needed a crop handle to open and close gates without dismounting

Blackthorn Walking Sticks

In many ways the blackthorn epitomises the Irish; tough, durable, good-looking, and highly resistant to invaders (well have you ever tried to walk through a blackthorn hedge?).


Yes, unfortunately they are called knobsticks......


Called thumbsticks because you naturally hold them with your thumb hooked into the "V", these sticks are excellent for keen walkers, and will be made to your height...

Smokers' Gifts

These smoking accessories area all hallmarked sterling silver and can be engraved with anything you like; names, dates, initials etc and a personal message from you

Hallmarked sterling silver paperweights

Made of English hall-marked sterling silver, these paperweights make ideal and really personal gifts for weddings, bridesmaids, anniversaries, birthdays and christenings.

We can also make bespoke one-off paperweights in a design of your choice; prices on request

Bespoke hand-made hunting knives

Bespoke, hand-made and personalised hunting knives and sheaths"


Shotgun Money Clip

Hallmarked sterling silver and hand engraved money clip in the shape of a shotgun sidelock

Money Clip

Hallmarked sterling silver and hand engraved plain money clip

Hand-made fishing priest

Lead-weighted stag antler with a buffalo horn cap

Hallmarked sterling silver hip flask

These hallmarked sterling silver hip flasks can be hand-engraved with anything you like; family, club or regimental emblems initials, dates or a short personal message from you.

Shotgun Coin Holder

Hallmarked sterling silver and hand engraved coin holder in the shape of a shotgun cartridge

Stag Antler Candelabra

A bespoke candelabra made from red deer antler, finished with polished black buffalo horn, and mounted with solid silver candle holders


Hand-made, bespoke and unique cufflinks

All our cufflinks are bespoke and hand-made to order, and therefore unique to you. Thus they make fantastic wedding presents or favours for the groom, ushers, guests, groomsmen and are also ideal for birthdays and anniversaries. And you can make them as personal as you like

Crooks and Market Sticks

Originally shepherds' implements, crooks and market sticks became more ornate over the years, and now we make them bespoke to your requirements......

Cardigan Walking Sticks

Coming from the area of Cardigan in Wales (and therefore also known as Llandovery sticks), these beautifully shaped sticks are a personal favourite of mine. Bespoke, and hand-made to order, they can have a silver or horn collar added with etching/engraving of your choice

Hand-made fly boxes

These hand-made fly boxes make ideal gifts for the fisherman who already has every other accessory.......

And they're great for weddings, groomsmen, christenings, anniversaries etc